The real taste of Indian food can only be enjoyed when it is home cooked with freshly ground masalas. The freshly prepared masalas will have its rich natural aroma and taste that you cannot find in any commercial restaurants. 

For centuries , Indians are known for their hospitality in serving and sharing food to their guests with which they get a sense of fulfilment and happiness.
Most Indians are experts in cooking wide varieties of dishes, an inherent talent that gets inherited for generations. We as well @ Sarikonda's have a strong passion to create & showcase the authentic Indian meals with other food lovers in and around Cambridge. 

Recreating signature Indian dishes can seem daunting, with complex lists of ingredients and time-consuming cooking techniques. There comes Sarikonda's - Curry On: where we offer an authentic Indian experience at your door step. High quality whole spices are imported from India to give authentic taste, aroma and freshness to all the recipes we create. Our menus feature authentic and delicious dishes especially from the Southern part of India.


We are the mirror of the way in which India enjoys its rich and diverse cuisines. As we couldn't decide on a standard menu so we have decided to give a new culinary experience to you each day of the week with our unique seven day cycle menu. We offer exclusive freshly cooked meal boxes in Vegetarian and Non vegetarian varieties initially only offering home deliveries for dinner time.


All staff at Sarikonda's have completed Level 2 Hygiene Training therefore all food is cooked and handled with utmost care.


So join us on a delicious journey of unique culinary discovery. Order online now!